Redwood Planter Rejuvenation

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September 9, 2017
Toile Art
May 1, 2017

Redwood Planter Rejuvenation

What do you do with an old planter that is collecting cobwebs? I gave mine a facelift.

My redwood planter has faded from the sun. I did not put a protective coat on it so it was turning gray. First thing I did was sanded it back to it’s original state. I wanted to bring back the reds and blondes in natural redwood. Then I brushed it with Spar Urethane, which works like a sunblock for wood.

The other problem I had with this planter was that it is too deep. I’d have to use a lot of soil for anything I planted and it dried out faster. Nothing would survive my raised planter. So for my herbs, I decided to reuse the Styrofoam from my daughter’s new sewing machine.

I took the soil out. Then I placed the Styrofoam on the bottom and replaced some of the soil on top of the it. Next, I planted my mint and basil and topped it off with some more soil. This way, I also do not have to bend over. The planter is lighter, which makes it easier to move. And now the soil does not dry out as fast.

My neighbor thought I bought a new planter!